dLAB offers relief from daily commuting grind

Daily races against time. Gridlock-induced delays. Hours each day that could 
be spent with family or colleagues. dLAB has a better answer

DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO – Residents of Oshawa, east of Toronto in Durham Region, suffer some of the longest commute times in Ontario: an average of 63.6 minutes, according to a recent report commissioned by the Trillium Foundation. That’s two hours per day, or the equivalent of 20 entire days per year, spent merely getting to and from work. Other residents of Ontario’s Durham Region – whether in Whitby, Ajax or Pickering – are just as familiar with the costs and the stresses of lengthy commutes.

dLAB, the Durham Learning and Business district, offers a different solution to the commuting problem: not wider roads, not more transit, but an urban employment hub in the heart of Durham Region, accessible to the entire Greater Toronto Area by vehicle and GO Transit rail service. The plans for the dLAB site, which straddles the Whitby-Oshawa border, include the construction of 10 to 12 new commercial office and retail buildings of 3 to 4 storeys in dLAB West (in Whitby) and still more construction planned for dLAB East (in Oshawa). All new buildings will be in close proximity to each other and within walking distance to postsecondary campuses, making dLAB the east Toronto region’s primary employment and education hub.

“Traffic congestion has become a flashpoint for many commuters,” says Marvin Green of River Oaks Group, one of dLAB’s development partners. “Many people are willing to reorganize their lives to avoid long commutes. Employers need to find office locations that provide the urban vitality their employees want, without the stress of getting there.”

dLAB, which is located just north of Highway 401 straddling the Whitby-Oshawa border, is the largest developable parcel of highway-adjacent land in the east Toronto area. It will also be home to the forthcoming Thornton Corners dLAB GO Transit station. dLAB will feature mixed-use office, retail and institutional space woven into a dynamic higher-density urban streetscape, one designed to spur collaboration and exchange and create renewed economic opportunities for the east Toronto area.

dLAB is a transit-accessible, mixed-use, $200 million development proposal that brings business, learning and technology close together in the heart of Ontario’s Durham Region. dLAB’s partner organizations include River Oaks Group, Halloway Developments, Durham College, Trent University Oshawa, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the City of Oshawa, the Town of Whitby, and the Regional Municipality of Durham.