dLAB bridges the generation gap

Gen-Xers need space to raise families. Younger Millennials want the downtown life. 
dLAB is the urban workplace that’s accessible to both

DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO – The downtown Toronto construction boom is being fueled by the rise of the Millennial generation – a group that enjoys a carless downtown lifestyle, close to their workplaces and such amenities as restaurants, services, parks and transit. Meanwhile, their forebears in Generation X are reaching the apex of parenthood: careers, kids, cars and commutes. The challenge, for employers, lies in finding a workplace location that can meet the needs of both groups.

dLAB, the Durham Learning and Business district, offers an innovative solution to this challenge: it’s a dense urban hub of office and retail space woven together with college campuses, easily accessible from across the region by rail — situated not downtown, but in the east Toronto municipalities of Whitby and Oshawa. Located just north of Highway 401, dLAB will also be home to the forthcoming Thornton Corners dLAB GO Transit station.

“Housing costs and commute times are having an impact on employee retention,” says Marvin Green of River Oaks Group, one of dLAB’s development partners. “People want the living space that’s right for them and their family, and that keeps their commutes as simple as possible.”

Housing affordability and commuting are key issues for both generations, and dLAB’s location offers an ideal balance. The average cost of a single detached home in Durham Region is $435,779, compared to $965,000 in the city of Toronto, offering employees with growing families more affordable space closer to dLAB’s million-plus square feet of office and retail space. Meanwhile, employees who prefer highrise living in the core will be able to hop on GO Transit at Union Station and ride the rails to dLAB without ever needing a car.

dLAB is a transit-accessible, mixed-use, $200 million development proposal that brings business, learning and technology close together in the heart of Ontario’s Durham Region. dLAB’s partner organizations include River Oaks Group, Halloway Developments, Durham College, Trent University Oshawa, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the City of Oshawa, the Town of Whitby, and the Regional Municipality of Durham.