Why Proximity Matters

It brings businesses closer together

Great businesses succeed when they are close to customers, partners, industry, expertise, talent – and to other great businesses. Dense clusters of activity help companies thrive. When great businesses locate alongside postsecondary institutions, the cluster effect is enhanced. Educators learn firsthand how businesses and markets are changing. Companies gain easier access to budding talent and to the latest trends in strategy and research, both in their own sectors and in others. New opportunities can be discovered or even created.


It rejuvenates and enhances economic activity

Durham Region’s economy has existing strengths across diverse sectors, including:

  • Engineering, manufacturing and industrial design,
  • Environmental industries,
  • Agriculture and the culinary arts and sciences,
  • Research and knowledge ventures,
  • Health care, and
  • Clean technology and renewable energy production.


dLAB’s postsecondary institutions – Durham College, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and Trent University Oshawa, with a combined enrolment of more than 40,000 students in Durham Region – buttress those strengths, bringing additional depths of knowledge in each of these fields. Bringing these sectors into close contact with each other, and with the campuses that support their work, will create a dynamic new environment for business and for learning.


It eases daily commutes

Every day, tens of thousands of Durham Region residents commute to work in downtown Toronto. But as the Greater Toronto Area continues to grow – its population increasing by 100,000 people annually – there are clear advantages to creating specific employment hubs throughout the region, connected by technology and by higher-order rail transit. As an employment hub in the heart of Durham Region, dLAB offers shorter commutes for residents of the east GTA. Meanwhile, the planned construction of the Thornton Corners dLAB GO Transit station will make dLAB accessible to rail commuters throughout the Toronto region. dLAB’s unique location can help relieve the strain on roads and highways, making more efficient use of existing infrastructure.


It’s good for people

When people have more opportunities to work closer to home and to travel by transit, their commutes become simpler, less stressful, and less burdensome. It can give them back hours of every day – time that can be spent with colleagues and with family. Proximity enhances health, job satisfaction, creativity and productivity – not just for individuals, but for an entire economy.


dLAB: because proximity matters

dLAB’s mission is to create a new mixed-use development in Ontario’s Durham Region that weaves postsecondary campuses, retail services, industry institutes and commercial offices together into a tightly-knit fabric – one with fast entry to local, US and global markets. In addition to easy road access and ample parking, dLAB will feature higher-order transit accessibility thanks to the forthcoming Thornton Corners dLAB GO Transit station. The area will be easily navigable on foot or by bicycle. And the entire development will feature the latest in energy conservation and technological connectivity – in short, a model of sustainability.

dLAB will regenerate the economy of Durham Region and the east Toronto area. It will drive innovation and exchange, and create a new class of economic opportunity for the east GTA.