Economic Benefits

Private investment to spark regeneration

dLAB will be a new focal point of business and economic activity for Ontario’s Durham Region – the kind of dense business environment that sustains great businesses, sparks new ventures and ensures continuous growth.

With planned private investments totalling more than $200 million, dLAB will have a direct, substantial and lasting economic impact on Durham Region. In dLAB West alone, current plans envision the construction of 10 to 12 new buildings, each with at least 60,000 square feet of leasable space.


Public investment in transit and transportation

This influx of private capital will help make better use of planned public investments in transportation, including:

  • Durham Region’s extension of Consumers Drive through the dLAB site.
  • Ontario’s construction of the West Durham Link, which will connect regional Highways 401 and 407 in Durham Region.
  • Construction of the new Thornton Corners dLAB GO station on the dLAB site by Metrolinx, Toronto’s regional transit authority.

Together, these projects will create immediate and substantial employment in the design, engineering, construction and business services fields. Once completed, they will help spur economic growth in Ontario’s Durham Region.


A new Durham, a new future

Once the buildings, roadways and railways are operational, the dLAB site will be able to house up to 3,000 employees, students and other personnel in professional, office, retail and institutional spaces. Still more students will join them as enrollment swells with the delivery of new education programs and the planned construction of student residences. Public and private sector professionals will be able to draw upon each other’s ideas, the knowledge of nearby experts, and access to both consumer and financial markets. dLAB will be the new commercial and education hub of Durham Region and the entire east Toronto area.