Architectural Plans

dLAB is designed to provide a business environment unique in Durham Region and the eastern Toronto area, one that uses compactness and density to encourage convergence, exchange and innovation.

dLAB West will feature 10 to 12 new buildings of three to four storeys. The architecture will evoke the look and feel of Ontario’s 19th century industrial history: tightly-knit, street-facing façades of brick and glass. In keeping with the best guidelines for sustainability and maintenance, windows will cover 40 per cent of each building’s envelope, providing ample natural light without compromising energy efficiency.

dLAB’s buildings will also reflect the Toronto area’s recent prosperity, with top-grade office spaces atop ground floor retail shops, restaurants and public services. They will also feature the highest standards for data connectivity, and be enabled for current and emerging smart technology.

Parking will be strategically located behind buildings in order to create animated, attractive retail fronts and streetscapes. The buildings will be pulled close to the sidewalk, facilitating lively uses such as cafés, pubs, learning spaces and other services.

The result: a form and style of development that prizes proximity and is inviting to everyone, whether on foot or on wheels.