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We bring businesses closer to their needs: customers, markets, research, talented people and emerging technology.

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Up to 12 new buildings, each with a minimum 60,000 square feet of fully-adaptable retail and commercial space.

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Ontario’s Durham Region

The location, the infrastructure, the people, the economy, and all the competitive advantages of the east Toronto area.

Get to know Durham, Ontario

  • dLAB offers relief from daily commuting grind

    DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO – Residents of Oshawa, east of Toronto in Durham Region, suffer some of the longest commute times in Ontario: an average of 63.6 minutes, according to a recent report commissioned… Read More

  • Regeneration underway in the east GTA

    DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO – A group of organizations including private developers, governments and postsecondary institutions have forged a partnership to create a new urban commercial hub in the east… Read More

  • dLAB bridges the generation gap

    DURHAM REGION, ONTARIO – The downtown Toronto construction boom is being fueled by the rise of the Millennial generation – a group that enjoys a carless downtown lifestyle, close to their workplaces… Read More